December 04, 2015

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October 29, 2014

Time and the Holidays

Well everyone, it’s about that time of season. As I sit here and prepare for getting the last of these orders out I've come to the notion that I should probably put a cutoff date for anyone looking to order skis for the holiday season. I've chosen that date to be November 14. A couple of weeks away.

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August 26, 2014

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Summer Pre-Sale Time

Volition Shop

Summer Pre-Order has begun! And some other stuff, but we know what you really are about...

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August 26, 2014

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New for 2014-2015

Blue skies and warm sun! It’s spring again. Aside from less layers and longer days, it also means the announcing of new products! We made a lot of changes this past season. We introduced new tooling and learned (painfully) how to use it all while trying to stay on top of orders. It was a tough season but we powered through it and are ready to hit the ground running! Much like a couple seasons ago, this season was a growing season for us accompanied by the aches and pains of a small business trying to meet demand and expand at the same time. I can proudly say we conquered however and came out on top!

The biggest change for this year is the introduction of a new all mountain ski dubbed the “V2”. Short for Vendetta 2 (I know, unique eh?) the V2 is nothing like the Vendetta. The V2 is a completely different breed of All Mountain. Sporting an elliptical side cut, early rise and a progressive design it turns heads and slays snow. A maple and poplar core complimented by carbon makes for a stiff, responsive, and light ski. The shape pulls the swing weight toward the center of the ski allowing for better balance and lower swing weight. The V2absolutely blasts through crud. It’s no issue. A 15m turn radius keeps it hooked up and you ripping turns until the lifts close.

The FRR is seeing a change this year as well. It’s essentially the big brother to the V2. Wider under foot (108mm) and a little more rocker. For those wanting something a little meatier, this is your answer.

The DSR will receive a slight taper change and the Vendetta will remain unchanged in shape only receiving a little bit of a stiffness adjustment due to a core change. We are now building with a maple/poplar/carbon blend. This switch was to achieve a different feel in the ski. One we feel is better for an east coast ski.  All the skis will also be receiving a facelift this year and will be released in the coming weeks.

Along with the new changes to the skis, we will also be doing a total site refresh. The site and storefront will get a facelift. While looking snazzy it should help us display more content which is always good!

And last but probably the most exciting is we have started pre-orders! Much earlier this year! This will allow us to stay ahead of schedule. We will be building through the summer this year as we don’t have to make any changes for the upcoming season. We have started off with the V2 and we will have the rest in the coming weeks! Click here to view it in the store.

Here’s to a warm spring and fantastic summer!

- Chris

August 25, 2014

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Volition in Ski Mag!

Flipping through the pages of Ski Magazine’s February issue may have been a surprise for some  friends and family. Hopefully it was also a nice introduction to Volition for others who have yet to hear of us.

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June 21, 2013

About our new apparel

I'd just like to take a second to touch on our new apparel. We will produce everything in house this season. We will also be producing EVERYTHING on American Apparel or other American produced clothing. 

Unfortunately in order to do this we do have to raise our price a bit. However, we feel it's important that our products be made here in the United States and being small means we don't have the capital to farm out the production of any part of our manufacturing process -- nor would we want to. And this includes apparel. 

We are extremely grateful to those who ordered apparel last season and helped us figure out the most efficient way to go about this. We really can't thank you enough. 

So what does this mean for apparel right now? This is how we are going to try to make this more efficient.

  • We will place our order with our supplier on Monday's. Typically around noon.
  • So all orders that come in prior to that will get placed in that shipment.
  • Most apparel orders take from 3-5 business days to receive.
  • Once we receive Monday's order we will print as fast as our mighty little hands and beer supply allow us to.
  • We anticipate approximately 1 to 1.5 weeks to complete your order. 

We know this is not convenient as most places you can order a shirt or whatever and you've got it in about 4 days depending on your location. However we are not most places. We really do care that everything is perfect. And that everything is locally sourced or made in the USA. We try to stick to that as much as possible. 

We hope to find this new workflow much more efficient for everyone. Thank's to you all for hanging in there.


Chris Bagley


Volition Ski Co