Volition in Ski Mag!

Flipping through the pages of Ski Magazine’s February issue may have been a surprise for some  friends and family. Hopefully it was also a nice introduction to Volition for others who have yet to hear of us.

The article, The American Resistance, was a great read about the impact of indie ski brands, the struggles many of them face and their ability to keep the larger brands on their toes. It was also a great introduction to the ethos behind Volition.

There’s a ski factory in Bangor, Maine. It’s not a big one. Chris Bagley, a recent graduate of UMaine Orono and longtime Sunday River and Sugarloaf skier, hopes to press 50 pairs of skis this year under his nascent Volition brand.

“Sometimes I’ll grab beers and have some buddies over to help out,” Bagley says. And his fiancée’s studies in structural engineering come in handy. But otherwise Volition is a company of one. And Bagley isn’t even full-time. During the day, he puts his new-media degree to work as a web developer.

Bagley doesn’t sound like a bitter guy with a stick-it-to-the-man agenda. He wasn’t dissatisfied with the big-brand skis on the market. He’s just an avid skier and a committed consumer of local products. After a day of work developing websites, he likes to get his hands on something more tangible. The cliché is unavoidable: Making skis is his labor of love.

You can read the article in its entirety here. I would like to say thank you Joe Cutts for the inclusion in the article and the inviting chats on the phone. I’ll be taking some runs in your name!

Chris Bagley
Chris Bagley


Chris is head monkey for Volition. He builds all of your stuff, full-fills orders and answers the phone!