Summer Pre-Sale Time

Well everyone, it’s that time of year again. Our graphics are done, design adjustments are complete and our skis our now up for summer pre-order. What the pre-order does is let us gather much needed capital to get the material needed to produce our skis. The summer months allow us to re-calibrate while our favorite slopes are closed and produce skis in batches instead of a pair at a time. This method of production is more efficient and lets us focus on each step while maintaining the highest level of quality.

This year we are leaps and bounds ahead of where we were this time last year. Last year we uprooted and moved our shop from Bangor back to New Gloucester in the midst of pre-order season. This meant we had to reinstall all of our equipment in the new space and reestablish our workflow before we could get back to production. We also purchased some new equipment that came with a learning curve and contributed to delays in the start of the production season. Nothing good comes without a challenge and we are happy to say that the challenges we overcame last season have lead us to produce our best product yet! To the customers that purchased from us last season, we can’t thank you enough! Your patience was greatly appreciated as we worked day and night to iron out our new found kinks to make sure we delivered the best product to you.

The great thing about this season is that we are setup and ready to rock with production all summer. The new highlights for the upcoming season are two new models, the V2 and FR2, and a fresh pallet of graphics! Things will start rolling out of the shop in about a month once I get cleared to walk without crutches again. I had a fun yet unfortunate spill on one of the last days at The Loaf. Nothing that won’t heal! As much as I enjoy warm weather, shorts and a cold brew I can’t wait to get back out on the snow!

As always if there are any questions please feel free to reach out. If you get our voicemail just leave a message and we WILL return your call. Or shoot us an email!

Chris Bagley
Chris Bagley


Chris is head monkey for Volition. He builds all of your stuff, full-fills orders and answers the phone!