Time and the Holidays

Sounds like a band doesn't it? Time and the Holidays. Contact me for licensing rights. 

Well everyone, it’s about that time of season. As I sit here and prepare for getting the last of these orders out I've come to the notion that I should probably put a cutoff date for anyone looking to order skis for the holiday season. I've chosen that date to be November 14. A couple of weeks away.

I know this seems early but let me explain. Even though Volition as a brand embodies any and everyone who has supported me through this endeavor be it with ski purchases, apparel or good faith, Volition as a manufacturer is still just me. Chris. The same person who responds to all your emails and phone calls. So it does take some time to produce a set of quality skis. Sure I could slap stuff together, it’ll ski and look cool but that’s not what you pay for when you buy a set of Volition’s. You pay for quality. Personality. Something different than the mainstream.

Instead of taking money and farming out production, anytime someone places an order  that money goes right back into materials, or tooling upgrades. The process is constantly being refined and subsequently production becomes a bit faster. This fall I built a spiffy sidewall shaper, dialed in the CNC and right now I am building a rather awesome dye sublimation press which will allow us to print graphics right here in house. That translates to higher quality control, and more options for the end user. You. Because after all, I am building skis for you. So why not do it as best as I possibly can?

I know what you’re thinking, November 14? That’s more then a month before Christmas!  -- And you’re right! It takes about 2.5 weeks to see a pair from start to consumer. Right now each set of skis is produced to order for me to be able to make skis at a reasonable rate. I can produce anywhere from 1 to 3 pairs a day depending on the variables (things like different or same sizes, models, etc.). We then need a week of cure time before we can put too much stress on the ski, then they get tuned, packaged and shipped. I also need to account for possible material delays. Being a small manufacturer means I don’t have the buying power (yet) that the large companies are capable of. Sometimes a material is unavailable and I have to scour the various 3rd party suppliers or my order gets pushed back to fulfill a larger order (it’s happened, and it’s a huge bummer).

What I’ve done is set what I believe to be a reasonable date to produce any orders that come in for the holidays. Learning from past seasons, and knowing now what is reasonable to expect of myself and the help I can get from time to time. And after all I don’t want to add any stress or worry to anyone's holiday season because it should be about worry free time with family and enjoying those you are with.

So the important stuff here is

  • Orders by November 14 for guaranteed holiday shipping
  • Volition is still a small operation
  • Volition = Quality and sometimes quality takes time.
  • I truly appreciate the trust people have placed in me.
  • I can’t wait to make you some skis

Oh and snow. Think snow. We need some snow.

- Chris

Chris Bagley
Chris Bagley


Chris is head monkey for Volition. He builds all of your stuff, full-fills orders and answers the phone!