Volition started in the later part of fall, 2009. I’ve always wanted to do something in the ski industry and wasn’t really sure what until my senior year of college and my impending graduation finally awarded me with that opportunity. I attended the University of Maine and graduate in May of 2010 with a BA in New Media.

The idea behind Volition was to start a company to produce East Coast skis hand built in Maine, while trying to be environmentally conscious with the building materials. Now you may ask what the heck does building skis have to do with New Media or what the heck is New Media to begin with? Well, in the 4 years I was a formal student at the University of Maine, I’ve been asked that question many times, perused many readings, and had professors question our view of New Media as a student. What I found is that despite the name and the image it portrays, New Media doesn’t have to involve the latest technology, programming, or even the internet. The idea of New Media is built off a foundation of thought, movement, and community. It’s about what you do.

Volition is a way for me to assist in the growth of the Maine ski industry. I try to do as much local business as I can, and I know many others that do the same. I figure if I can build skis in Maine, for East Coast skiers and likeminded individuals then I can help our own economy grow by giving people the option to buy a local brand. I want to produce a ski that will help Maine grow. I want to support American manufacturing. I want to show people that there are craftsmen who still care about what they produce. Above all I want to provide something people will be proud to support.

- Chris Bagley